Post # 270      THE SEASHORE AT GWADA*

Despite the commonly understood function of language as the symbolic representation of actions or ideas, we find from time to time, that such functional intention is not sufficiently, or satisfactorily, accomplished. As noted in past posts, we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility, to attempt to redeem, as felt, the true intrinsic value of selected words, or to the contrary, their insidious connotation.

An illustrative example of one such undervalued word is the noun “repetitive” and its adjectival nephew, “repetitive.” In common parlance, the word ordinarily carries a negative suggestion; at lectures, it may invite a perception of the speaker’s lack of adequate preparation, or worse, his disrespect for the assembled audience. The annoying observation of repetitiveness, may also have potential for extreme annoyance (at the perceived speaker’s notion that the audience lacks sufficient understanding, or, the sense of abuse of the bored and captive listener).

The intended theme of this post is the demonstration that the common use of our subject word, “repetitive,” is not fully representative of the extent of its wide application and potential dimension and its vital role in the dynamics of our lives and, perforce, the continued existence of our residential planet.

While at the shore in Guadeloupe, observing the” Texas two Step” style, ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean, an epiphany of sorts, was realized; a sudden sense of renewed appreciation of the immense scope and, in fact, the existential importance, of the dynamic of repetition. Aside from the sea’s great beauty, the predictable regular and repetitive motion of the waters, furnishes profoundly comforting evidence and assurance, of a properly functioning planet.

Simultaneously, there was an appearance of a gaggle of conceptual thoughts, associated with the sea’s repetitive action, among which was the realization that the witnessed body of water has been performing its repetitious dance, since a time long prior to the advent of mankind. There was the renewed realization that the ocean has been credited with being the nursery for all earthly life; which latter consideration has the potential for summoning up unconscious, innate feelings of origin, and is arguably, responsible for the presence, in general, of so many vacationers at the seashore.

The sea visibly performing its untiring, repetitive terpsichory, on an eternal basis, symbolizes the reality that “repetition,” singularly, constitutes an assurance of existence and continuing life; the regular and repetitive performance of our heart, internal organs and senses, akin to the ocean tides, is such an objective assurance and the criterion for health professionals. Repetitive outcomes are sought in the entire universe of scientific research and investigative studies. The processes of new learning, of reason and of human interaction ( business and social), mandate predictable and repetitive behavior; but do we repeat ourselves excessively? Alors! Vive, la mot “repetition”!

The moving seaside at Gwada*, reminded us that our lives, physically and sociologically, are truly beholden to the dynamic of “repetition;” a crucially vital phenomenon and as well, a truly impressive word.

*(French Creole for “Guadeloupe”)


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