As observed in a recent post, with all media attention focused upon our adolescent, publicity craving President, effectively providing a total diversion, the spotlight appears not to be shone upon the unnoticed and reprehensible elimination of many of our citizen rights and entitlements. We however felt compelled, as a matter of crucial priority, to emphasize the most compelling subject among those previously detailed, as being overshadowed by such distraction.

It is inarguable that this summer season has, consistently, been abnormally hot and humid. This unusual summer season, as we are aware, was preceded by ominously strange and unprecedented seasons; the climate having presented unseasonably cold or hot days which were truly irregular and completely unpredictable. Our great fear is that, at present, we are no longer enabled to prevent catastrophic climate change, but are now experiencing its actual, dreaded and predicted onset.

Last night we, (who usually have meaningless or forgotten dreams), dreamt that planet Earth, by reason of the extensive and steady pollution of its air, water and atmosphere, was in an irreversible and uncontrollable process of decay, and on a gradual march toward morphing from a verdant, life sustaining planet, to a cold, lifeless, dry rock, like the moon. The general sense, as remembered, was that the moon itself once had been, in its far distant past, a living and fertile, planet.

This chilling nightmare provided the impetus to again write about the thoughtless ignorance of citizens who have chosen to be “climate deniers” and the criminal negligence of the many short-sighted industrialists, who value profits at a higher priority than life. It seems either suicidal or completely irrational, to deny the presenting symptoms of irreparable damage to our planet and to the life and health of its inhabitants. Practically every climate scientist, nationally and internationally, is in full accord on this dangerous subject. Citizens without expertise on the subject, arbitrarily and adamantly choose to deny the consistent findings of so many reputable scientists. A frustrating explanation may perhaps be found in the neurotic practice of “tribal” voting, as dealt with in an earlier post; a practice in which insecure people perceive that they have attained acceptance and identity by means of communally sharing mutually identical positions regarding controversial issues. However, global warming is no longer controversial.

Would any such climate denier to go to a physician, receive a serious diagnosis, and then stubbornly,  deny, or ignore the medical opinion, despite the potential threat to his own life? The doctor is only one expert opinion; a confirming second opinion, would still make it only two experts. The etiology of the serious and consequential pathology affecting our planet, and fatal to earthly life, has been diagnosed by, no less than, the entire world population of expert and concerned concerned scientists.

The intentional or ignorant denial, of danger of unspeakable proportions from carbon pollution is incomparably more immoral and serious than the criminal act of negligent homicide; it is an horrendous transgression against all life; and amounts, unimaginably, to no less than the intentional and premeditated murder of an entire living planet, together with the lives of its inhabitants.




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