In the immediately preceding blogpost, we described an ominous pathology currently attacking and weakening the body politic of our Republican Democracy. The presentment of such malady is the unhealthy willingness of individuals, lacking sufficient self-confidence and stable self-image, to submit their individual will and belief system, to an insular interest group, in exchange for a perceived sense of belonging and needed acceptance. The derived self-esteem and needed identity, so acquired, involves sacrifice of all personal views, and the acceptance of the group’s dogma.

We have previously observed that these insular groups, composed of members sharing identical opinions and memes, maintain hostile relationships with other similarly described groups with members who are believers in common in the disparate opinion. This unhealthy phenomenon is at odds with the future envisioned by our optimistic founders, who foresaw amicable debates of issues in contention, the results of which, to be useful in the attainment of  a government, “by and for the people.”

The existence of these insular cliques is contrary to democracy, in which elections are to be indicative of the will of the individual voters. We have also observed, that the avowed and dedicated purposes of these interest groups, are consistently betrayed by their own deeds and actions; suggesting that their officially declared statements of purpose are solely for public relations reasons. [See: #264]. We feel constrained to reiterate, one such example, that of the persistence of the Right Wing  Christians and the Evangelicals in their loyal (and financial) support of President Trump, despite his expressed,  unabashed pride in his vaunted sexual peccadillos and his acts of sexual abuse.

We have previously ascribed the etiology of this syndrome, to feelings of poor individual  self- image, feelings of loneliness and insecurity, lack of adequate understanding and mature perception, and others; but none greater than the desired new perception of improved, identity and the neurotically needed, assurance of acceptance and belonging.

Prior to sharing Dr. Thomas Jefferson’s prescription for the cure of this pathology, we would like to take a moment to offer a few suggestions regarding Presidential elections, with the earnest hope that the travesty of the past election will not be repeated.

  1. We need to have a required prior vetting of all candidates for President, prior to the primaries; an interview by educated and respected Americans (perhaps past Presidential office holders).
  2. The vetting should include the mandated production of relevant documents, including the latest tax returns.
  3. The Electoral College should be abolished as a sign of respect for the American voter.

Our consult with Dr. Thos. Jefferson, began with his usual instruction, “For a democracy to be successful, it is required to have literate and informed citizens.” We then asked him about a cure for the discussed pathology, he advised as follows: We can, indeed, have the peaceful and useful exchange of ideas as envisioned, and satisfy the early assumptions. The cure is what you, during your era, would call a “win-win.”  My findings are that many American citizens have neglected to establish for themselves, early on, an acceptable and stable self-image, a confidence in their ability to make confident judgments based upon mature and rational perspective. Evolution gave all men an advanced brain to use for independent problem solving and for growth and self -enhancement; and not for dependence on others for decision making. Individuals who are well informed, who have a familiarity with man’s history and great literature, learn that they are not isolated or detached from the whole of humanity [he stopped here, to straighten his wig] and that his life presents problems which are universal to all of mankind. Get him to read and acquire some further understanding and he will become more self-reliant by degrees, and develop a better self- image. His new found respect for himself and his own private perceptions will enable him, to make his own decisions and reach his own, confident judgments. The double benefit will be a more valuable citizen for the nation, and a more fulfilling life for himself.

After leaving us with a few blank applications for entrance to the University of Virginia [for the grandchildren] President Thomas Jefferson disappeared, leaving only some faint traces of white powder from his wig, on the polished mantle.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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