We have all too often, observed an unjust and lamentable human trait such that, upon being confronted with major problems, or general disappointment, one conveniently casts blame upon some purported cause (usually, blameless people), as a chosen alternative to engagement in a rational, admittedly more taxing, search for the true cause of the problem.

The so-called “Immigration Problem,” seems to perplex and distract a great many in the U.S. and the E.U., on an inconceivable level, bordering on the irrational. Yet, any cursory review of the subject will reveal that immigration to the U.S. and Europe (with the possible exception of Syrian refugees to Europe), in stark contrast to the bombastic assertions of anti-immigration demagogues, has significantly declined. We are firmly convinced that the so called “immigration problem” has been intentionally overblown and exaggerated, and done so for tactical political reasons.

We have previously commented on certain fellow Americans, descendants of immigrants, who, only a few generations after their forbears had settled in, take a restrictive posture regarding immigration; how soon they forget.  The present writing, however, concerns a particular, tactical use of “immigration” which is patently immoral and unconscionable.

Politicians, especially those inclining rightward, have intentionally created false and unattractive images  of these oppressed and unfortunate  people, and have ginned up citizens (especially, the reductionist-low information, population) with false, frightening propaganda, concerning their purported criminal and anti-social inclinations. Add to such perverse tactics, the perpetual hobby horse of xenophobia, and one category of anti-immigration is predictable.

Manufactured enmity against these unfortunate, hapless people, is of significant utility to shrewd political leaders, as the attributed cause of extant societal ills, from unemployment, crime, economic disparity, or whatever the problems du jour may be; their false and tactical depiction and use as scapegoats, exonerates the incompetent leader, and results in a diversion of the blame.[ In Medieval days, it was witches or “heathens” who were blameworthy sources]. It is particularly disconcerting to realize that the current President of the United States, a nation populated (100%) with descendants of immigrants, and recent immigrants, is among the leading purveyors of such low and defamatory drivel.

For example,  less than desirable employment statistics, whether due to the state of the national economy, changes in demand, robotics, digitalization, automation,  or other cause, is conveniently, and falsely, attributed to immigrants ( they work for cheap wages, do not demand benefits, and so on ad nauseum.) In truth, the poorly educated immigrant, from Mexico or Central America, poses no threat to jobs in Silicon Valley or any other highly trained technical positions. Moreover, we are advised that there is a current need for basic labor in our nation, most especially in agriculture, but also in building trades, service positions, food processing, manufacturing as well as elsewhere.

What is sorely needed is a rational system of determination as to which immigrants are fleeing for their lives, and which are seeking entry for a better life for themselves and family. Those fleeing for their lives ought to be admitted, without delay, on legal and compassionate grounds. Those who, electively, come here for a better life, should be interviewed, classified by trade or skill, and encouraged to settle where such skill or trade is needed. We should bear in mind that the search for a better life, has historically been a distinctly American aspiration.

Incompetent leaders and poor economic conditions each have their own discoverable etiology; blaming scapegoats is an admission of hapless incompetency, and is shamefully immoral.




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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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