Post# 237           A NATIONAL PATHOLOGY

There have been various ways in which the current U.S. Administration has been artfully described. We would prefer comparing the shocking and unhealthy ascendency of Donald Trump et al. to America’s Oval Office, with an apt medical metaphor.

The Trump disease, like other virulent infections, once insinuated into the body politic, lost little time in effectively spreading its toxin. It appears that our body politic had no relevant antibodies nor immunity whatsoever, to address this unprecedented attack, accordingly, dire symptoms immediately began to noticeably manifest themselves and spread at an exponential rate.

The etiology of this dread disease, appears (to us) to have had its clinical onset by virtue of the following causative factors: 1. A general lack  of enthusiasm for the opposing candidate, 2. The organization and mobilization of the discontented, low-information, flat earth segment of our (generally non- voting) population, by tactical, demagogical and false promises  of a better life and a cleaner government ,and  3. The ample financing of the Trump campaign by billionaire entrepreneurs who, immorally, care far more for profits than they do for government regulations protecting the public.

Once the noxious biotic gained admittance into the national physiology, grave and immensely troubling symptoms began to present themselves, aggressively establishing a firm foothold and metastasizing at an exponential rate. These symptoms include: an alarming state of confusion regarding policy and government action, atrophied governing structure, including the appointment of a perverse cabinet and secretaries of governmental departments, the latter, generally ignorant as to the subject matter of their department, and in some cases, in manifest opposition to it, confused and unpredictable national and international policies (including trade), rejection of the findings of America’s top scientists concerning dangerous global warming, opposition to reasonable gun control laws and support of the NRA, disparagement of the nation’s trusted media (while engaging in a consistent policy of presidential mendacity), prejudicial treatment of women and woman’s  rights,(while engaging in personal acts of sexual abuse), damage to the  civil rights  movement by inappropriate statements and action, disparagement of all learning and academic endeavors generally, inhumane policies respecting immigration (in this nation of 100% immigrants and their progeny), lack of ethics, particularly those involving conflicts of interest, treasonous interaction with enemy countries, and  an embarrassing (world-wide) display of adolescent behavior in combination with a demonstrated show of shameful indiscretion and colossal ignorance.

This alarming and disabling disease, unless arrested and cured, has the potential for an Armageddon size impact upon our republican democracy, and warrants the immediate attention and vital concern, as would be appropriate to a sudden onset of a deadly plague.

However, we are pleased and greatly relieved to observe, lately that there are grounds for significant hope. Non-political agencies and investigative committees of our legislature are, at present, conducting proceedings which seek to fully uncover the dynamics of the inception of the disease, and appropriately deal with the responsible agents. Additionally, we have witnessed the women’s protest movement, as well as the huge public demonstrations of our young people, protesting the administration’s gun policy. It is hoped that these, and other spontaneous expressions of public opposition, will have the natural curative impact of white blood cells in eliminating this infection. The public seems at last, to be fully awakened to the dire need for political cure; we sincerely hope that it will be fully successful and will result in the production of such antibodies as will afford to our nation, a complete and permanent immunity to this catastrophic and dangerous illness.



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