Blog # 182      DIGITAL ARMAGGEDON (Sci.-Fi.)

It appears to be almost four months now, since the horrific event which resulted in the complete annihilation of electronic digital transmission.  Leading scientists concur in the firm belief that the proximate causation of the event was an unprecedented and unforeseen cataclysmic electro-chemical reaction between huge and uncharted mists of man- made carbon pollution and the digital cloud itself, catalytically assisted by the abnormal ozone layer.

An unprecedented and bizarre shift in societal affairs has been reported by academic sociologists and psychiatrists, which apparently manifests itself in a marked change in worldwide behavior, particularly  in the context of human interactive communication and observed behavior patterns; the foregoing, reportedly, attributed to the total and  abrupt cessation of digital communication.

The American President, in lieu of his regular transmission of tweets, has sensibly adjusted to the change in circumstances, by regularly maintaining his unique public expression of spontaneous feelings and thoughts, by means of an amplified megaphone recently installed at his request on the White House portico. He has issued the paternal direction that America should stay calm, and expressed the definite assurances that “ soon very smart people will solve the problem, completely and  “bigly.”

Significant trauma and confusion has prevailed throughout the nation specifically regarding the subject of interpersonal interaction. People have, since the calamitous event, begun to realize an urgent need to introduce themselves to “friends” with whom they had been electronically communicating for years. American citizens have recently been obliged, on business and personal occasions, to actually meet or converse by telephone. Necessarily, both the CIA and the FBI have issued strict official directives recommending, in the interest of citizen privacy and security that all Americans, becoming personally familiar with the voices of their family members and close friends.

The citizenry has further been advised that under a new regime, libraries, telephone centers, parks and museums will increase their hours of operation; the U.S. postal service will also extend its hours and has already reported land office business in the sale of stamps and postal supplies.

Reportedly, the greatest impact has been sustained by the younger generation which has become especially confused and profoundly disoriented. This portion of society presumably, with but faint recollection of personal interactive communication, will require much needed counseling and re-education. The ubiquitous practice of “texting,” no longer being possible, young people will have to resume their predecessors’ practice of conversing by telephone, or in person. Pseudo words, such as, “s’up,” “fyi,” “omg,” and “lol,” have been relegated to the dust bin of electronics. With respect to all members of society, who had previously communicated electronically, word has it that astute lexicographers are at present, and in dedicated fashion, engaged in  deleting the adjective ” virtual” from expressions such as” virtual reality,” “ virtual experience” and “virtual fact,” as now being uselessly redundant and tautological.

Such recent developments have made necessary the use of personally chosen vocabulary, selected to express feelings, the intended  emotional expression; this is expected to  result in significant improvement, in communication, compared with the moronic and inarticulate use of cartoonish, smiling or sad “emoji’s.” Another positive feature is the re-discovery by many readers of the forgotten tactual pleasure of actually holding a real book and turning its pages .Shoppers are now usefully obliged to actually examine the product or garment they intend to purchase, in lieu of examining images of the same on a computer screen. The search for information will now require the  personal consultation of relevant texts or selected encyclopedia  The most important consideration, by far, is that problem solving will entail the resumption of the individual’s salubrious exercise of reason and experience, in contrast to the act of dependently pushing a button on a digital pocket-sized electronic device.

It is remotely possible that some over-zealous Public Health professional will develop a theory to the effect that increased personal contact between human beings could, in theory  increase the possibility of the spread of communicable disease; however, the greatly increased potential for peace and meaningful living, outweighs any such  neurotic concern  by far.

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