To adequately and sufficiently recount the ignorant and neurotically impulsive blunders on the part of the Trump Administration and to venture any appraisal of the resultant damage to our nation, domestically, and in the international arena, will conceivably require the extensive and dedicated efforts of future academic historians; this, despite the fact that the present, Alice In Wonderland-like administration, has been in office merely a few (disastrous) months.

This is the third and final writing on the subject, the first, “DIMMED CITY” and the second, “DIMMED CITY REDUX” were attempts to discern the etiology of the Trump disaster and to highlight some of his major blunders, with emphasis on the consequent damage, domestically. The present writing is an attempt to highlight his international blunders and the proximate deterioration of the traditionally revered American brand and its unique trademark, abroad.

His provincial lack of adequate education may account for his great number of ignorant blunders on the international scene, which, in fact, exceed his numerous domestic gaffs; or it may be that on the international scene, he has no readily available reserve bench of spin doctors to explain away or deny his daily uncontrolled display of impulsive statements and ill-advised action.

Elizabeth Warren, the brilliant former Harvard Law Professor and current Massachusetts Senator, made the following public statement prior to President Trump’s first foray abroad:” Our highest hope for the Commander’s first trip abroad is that he not spark an international incident.” Her apparently sardonic statement,  made thoughtfully and with good reason, turned out to be prophetic. For practical reasons, as stated, we have selected but a representative sample, to illustrate the point:

  • At the meeting in Hamburg, Germany, famously known as the “Group of Twenty Summit,” major European newspapers reported that Mr. Trump appeared “uneasy,” “bored,” “isolated” and “completely overwhelmed” during the meeting; their expressed uniform perception was that he had no” capacity whatever, to be the leader of the free world.”

At said summit, he reversed the promised cooperation by the U.S. with other countries in dealing with climate change, and thereby isolated the U.S. from the other member nations.  This was consistent with his official (and irrational) Rose Garden statement, which especially pleased the infamous, Mr. Steve Bannon, that” climate change was just a ruse by other European countries so that they could steal our wealth.”

  • He chose not to attend a scheduled meeting with the President of China, but instead  sent Ivanka, who immorally  and selfishly, used the opportunity to obtain exclusive trademark rights for her goods in China.
  • Trump famously stated to Germany’s head of State, that his being wiretapped by the Obama Administration (which lie was completely disproven) “has been the one thing they had in common.” The disgusted reaction on Angela Merkel’s face was clearly visible for all to see via the media.
  • He has persisted with his irrational boast made during the campaign that he would get Mexico to pay for his protective wall to exclude Mexicans. The same has, not unexpectedly, been categorically and harshly denied by Mexico’s President.
  • In his brilliant plan to destroy ISIS by bombing their oil fields in Iraq, took no notice of the fact that the oil fields controlled by ISIS are located in Syria.
  • Trump has refused assistance to Ukraine in the attack by Russia, stating publicly that he “didn’t care,” despite being advised that Ukraine is a treaty member of NATO which provides that an attack against one member will be defended by all.
  • Trump falsely accused London’s first Muslim Mayor of being indifferent to terrorist attacks.
  • Convened a sensitive meeting on nuclear strategy with Japanese President, Shinzo Abe and famously held it, at dinner, in the public dining room of his Florida Hotel.
  • Verbally praised the murderous President Philippe Duarte, who gave the public a free hand to kill “anyone suspected of terrorism,” as prescribing the right way to fight terrorism.
  • Improperly shared Israel’s highly classified information with an ally of its mortal enemy.
  • Appointed an (illegally) undisclosed paid agent of Turkey, Mike Flynn, as chief of the highly sensitive NSA. As known, Flynn has been charged with treasonous acts concerning Russia.
  • On the subject of Russian interference with our election, Trump has undermined such investigation by discharging the investigators and defensively installing Trump partisans.

We will stop here, because the selection of the foregoing examples of Trump’s incompetency and gross malfeasance (accomplished in the brief space of merely five months) should be terrifyingly sufficient; we shudder in the realization that this disease will continue to fester for an additional  3 1/2 years!

After thus having performed our felt duty, we will hereafter happily return to writing on more agreeable and hopefully, contemplative subjects.





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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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