The legalization of abortion by the U.S. Supreme Court sent a wave of relief over a great many Americans; no longer would women needing an abortion be relegated to illegal and dangerous “back-alley” solutions, but could now pursue accepted and professional assistance .By contrast, the opponents of abortion were devastated, and in response, launched a militant movement dedicated to the reversal of that determination and to an unlawful program of actual interdiction of abortions.

The anti-abortion movement conscripted the slick, self- justifying title, “Right to Life” and has engaged in desperate acts of opposition, including no less than premediated and deliberate murder of abortion providers and their staff, in their excessive zeal to protect the nascent embryo.

The stark difference in belief systems and consequent conflict between the supporters and opponents of abortion has resulted in a truly unfortunate break- down in our democracy’s civic amity (blog # 21).

No one could rationally believe that a pregnant mother’s desperate decision to abort her pregnancy is not without great emotional and psychological pain; it is no less than sociopathic to believe that such decision to abort one’s own fetus is a casual act of convenience or irresponsibility.

These mono-focused crusaders militate for the fetus as long it is, in fact a fetus; after birth they seem to morph into a mindset of complete disregard for the child including their opposition to efforts to grant sustenance or assistance to the needy child.  Welfare, food stamps, health benefits are almost uniformly opposed by these fetus zealots. This unquestionably cockeyed morality is not the tenet of any known religion or any rational human being.


No one, in truth, likes abortion; neither its supporters nor its detractors .Contraception and sex education is inarguably the best route to the prevention of unwanted pregnancy (and consequently, the need for abortion). It boggles the mind to observe that “lifers” are vehemently opposed to the same.

The only conclusion that may reasonably be drawn is that “lifers” care less about abortion than they do about exercising control and in aligning themselves with others who oppose any and all liberal legislation.

Gun control

A further indication that abortion opponents (“lifers”) are not sincere advocates for the sanctity of life is shown by their general opposition to gun control. In face of, and despite, the numerous horrific acts of senseless mass slaughter of innocents at schools, movie theaters, parking lots and elsewhere, as reported by the media, they oppose gun control and seem to support a free and unregulated gun market.

A pocket knife, for example, can be used to cut string, whittle, slice fruit and to perform other acceptable uses; a gun’s sole utility is to kill.  Yet “lifers,” whose pretentions are the sanctity of life, seem only concerned with their stubborn misreading of the Second Amendment.

Capital punishment

Should you inquire of your local “lifer,” you will probably discover that he is a supporter and proponent of capital punishment, a position not easily reconcilable with the reverence for life.

Many authorities on the subject of Constitutional Law are of considered opinion that capital punishment violates the Constitution’s prohibition of “cruel and unusual punishment.” This practice, in addition to being atavistic and barbaric, is too often effected in an incompetent manner, resulting in unspeakably horrible results.

Moreover, with the development of modern DNA technology, many convicts on death row have been found to be completely innocent of the crime for which they were convicted and sentenced to die.

If more were needed, many ”lifers” are also counted among the category of “war hawks” in  believing in the primacy of military solutions over diplomacy in addressing international problems. Can honest believers in the sanctity of human life condone and favor the mass slaughter inherent in warfare?

The disregard for the plight of needy offspring after birth, opposition to contraception, support of the death penalty and their hawkishness, in truth and in reality, puts the lie to the avowed concern for human life on the part of the “lifer.” They should be condemned for, and prevented under their false banner from, interference with our compassionate democracy.

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