Finding an available slot in a very busy parking lot is normally a trying experience; but not at the subject parking facility. Here, despite the countless numbers of occupied parking  spaces, and prominently posted  signs at each entrance  declaring in red letters ,”FULL,” there are unlimited numbers of  vacant spaces for the choosing. Moreover, all parking at this lot is anonymous and free of charge.

No established route nor directional instructions exist as to this facility; a GPS would be irrelevant and there is no local resident available to offer corrective advice. It is therefore no less than uncanny that the location and the route respecting this location are universally known. Free and easy ingress is available to everyone, all ages, levels of education, all ethnos and social and economic classes.

Without question, the most singular feature is its location which will not be observed to be on any parcel of real estate, but instead, is situate in the mind. More specifically, it resides where confidence, initiative and the desire for self-fulfillment are located, running quietly in neutral gear.

In 1904, when the great philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, famously penned, “Hitch your wagon to a star,” he was counseling the cultivation of personal aspiration to attain great accomplishments in life. It should be noted that such goals would contemplate, in addition to laudable discoveries and creative developments for the benefit of mankind, the attainment of knowledge of the self and the meaningful direction of our individual lives.

The routes to such destination would vary in light of the myriad obstacles and demands in the individual case, imposed by life and circumstance; in this regard, significant accomplishment should be determined upon a flexible set of criteria. Those who are beset with impediments, physical, mental or economic, may be entitled to gold medal status upon a fair and equitable calculation, encompassing differences in innate capability as well as social and temporal  environment.

The drivers, young and old, who park their cars in our lot, with the rewarding realization of self-fulfillment and consequent self -worth, know as they walk from their car that they have completed a successful   journey and may already be planning others.

By contrast, the vast number of drivers who have, abandoned their vehicles or have prematurely vacated them, having suffered a lack of aspiration and hopelessness, are accordingly, and deprived of the chance at an enhanced life experience. Their journeys have not been satisfying and unhappily, lacking in the realization of life’s potential for meaning and value.

Still, parking management has been, at all times, optimistic and possessed of limitless patience and  understanding. It has charitably caused the configuration of the parking lot to contain numerous exits for those who wish to pull out and start afresh on a hopeful road trip toward meaningfulness, self-enhancement and growth.

Sadly, such restarts are expected to be rare in number.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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