Blog #42 Rebutting February

The howling wind is relentless, cruelly whipping its icy gusts and invasive currents across frozen field. It is frigid February, the time to test survival and stoicism. Long and small plant life bravely trusts to established subterranean support to resist the gale’s violent uprooting intentions. Aggressive, buffeting wind gusts bully and intimidate shrubs and tree branches into dancing the wind’s bug aloo. Tree limbs gasp with snapping sounds and answer gravity’s statutory mandate to plunge to the frozen ground.

All growing things are in the same dire need of rest and solicitous care, as a losing prizefighter after a grueling fifteen round match.

Yet the violent February weather continues its relentless assault during days, short and dark, offering only impotent sunlight; and even deadlier conditions at night.

Human beings, unfortunately,  at times, also experience personal Februaries; death of a loved one, failure in love or business, illness, disappointment, and other negative happenings lead us to experience dark, cold and inhospitable days and seasons.

They call her “Mother Earth” with good reason. This loving generator and perpetuator of life (even during the forbidding month of February, (should you steal a peek) you will see an ever-present, subtle smile and a knowing wink of the eye; in the awareness that soon the warming sun will reliably appear, softening the soil, together with a nourishing rain, producing flowers, green leaves and a myriad of colored shoots of new life, energetically impatient to flourish everywhere.

The human spirit and character is not, in fact, seasonal, but it is tenacious and perennial. Resilient personality, accumulated experience and wisdom, enhanced by the catalyst of good friends make the reliable prescription for the cure of human” Februaries” and the speeding along of Spring.



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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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