Blog #18 Humor, No Laughing Matter

Out of 17th Century Spain,  brought to your local theaters by the same iconic producers and directors that brought you the box office boffos, Columbus (see pliny blog #2) and the Spanish  Inquisition comes the  daring expedition of discovery of  nobleman,  Juan  Ponce de Leon.

The goal was to discover the (mythical) “Fountain of   Youth” which by some colossally funny finger of fate, brought him to the State of Florida, slated to become the Mecca of the elderly retiree.

Had de Leon been possessed (in theory) of a crystal ball which would have enabled him to see the laughable nature and the future of his enterprise, he and his retinue might have and been afforded some benefit, from that hilarious vision.

Modern scientists, of every stripe, are in complete agreement in ascribing to laughter, positive effects, such as physical relaxation,   relief from tension, even the enhancement of the immune system, perhaps, longevity.

Down through the ages, the contagious nature of laughter (studies show, more contagious than coughing and sneezing) has brought people together, reduced physical pain and has had numerous and varied salubrious benefits.

Authoritative studies of the effects of laughter show that it improves the mind, lends helpful perspective to disappointing or perplexing situations and reduces conflict.

To p., the greatest and most remarkable property of spontaneous laughter, is that it adds joy and zest to life.

Laughter is our birthright, is innate, inborn and, by the way, free.

Those who cannot see the lighter side of life, may find much less joy in their  life than persons with significant physical handicaps who do  have a sense of humor.

Someone should have told our friend Ponce, that the fountain, like all important things, is inside him.






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