Blog #8 The Inside Story of Happiness

Several years ago, and on a day when the weather was rather unseasonable,  p. was confronted by a well-known TV weatherman and crew, and asked for his opinion on the unusual weather. P. extremely surprised,  but pleased, stated to the surprise of the interviewer  that, in his experience the daily weather report  was internal, and not outdoors ;Even on a sunny, temperate day,  if one is troubled, it is a rotten day; conversely, it is a fine day, albeit nasty weather, if one is feeling  peaceful and untroubled.

It is not only our judgment of weather that is internal but, it seems, all of our perceptions are internal.

Our industrial society seems to ( solely) value the production of material  goods and services and achievements in  their increased production, while human activities such as reading, thinking at leisure, enjoyment of the arts are relegated to categories of less importance, The means, efforts to acquire material things  is unfortunately, approved and  encouraged by society. Life teaches the intelligent observer that such insatiable formula for material things is futile ,and, ultimately not productive of human happiness. There are untold examples in life in general, in business, and show business, that it never satisfies and leads to disappointment, misery and even, suicide. Individual and thoughtful re-evaluation of “means” and “ends” may be called for realistic self-evaluation may put us on the path to ultimate satisfaction.

Individual, personal and private perception of one’s virtue is very essential, hypocrisy is ultimately self-destructive. Should I steal your watch, even if I return it and all is completely forgiven, I still have the private and agonizing doubts as to my earlier wrongful act as a reflection of my character.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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