Blog #3 An especially dirty word

Unhappily, and perhaps, disappointingly, history as well as current events instruct us that  war and human suffering are all too often motivated by the clash of  different religious beliefs .  Yet it is obvious, and must always borne in mind, that it is only by the mere accident of birth that we randomly acquire our culture and specific belief system.

The early seed of discord is planted by a well-meaning parent or guardian by the reference to a “we” and a “they”. As a consequence, thereafter, some dedicate their lives to evangelism, myth -making and even, warfare.

On the assumption that religion is needed by the believer to face his mortality, it should be realized and understood that other’s beliefs may be serving the same purpose albeit seen as “different” (“they”)

Personally, I seem to prefer secular morality.


All of mankind would greatly benefit from the permanent eradication of the word (and concept) of “race”. Worse than useless, arbitrary and unscientific, it has never been employed for useful (as opposed to malignant) purpose. Simply put, the word “race” only leads to mischief.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Blog #3 An especially dirty word”

  1. Well said!! That is deep.
    Language itself is contributing to racism and discrimination. Once we find ways to express ‘I’ VS ‘thou’ or ‘race’, words like these create the notion that difference is real and makes them more real. In my belief, difference is an allusion.


    1. Differences, such as appearance, belief, etc. are real and make life interesting! The trouble is that for many,differences become the basis for adverse judgment and perverse action
      become the basis for advers judgments


    1. My identity as a Jew is a cul,tural, historic and ethnic identity made up of several natioinal groups that share the same religious belief . Hitler and others tried to distinguish us as a ‘race’ to separate us from others for destruction. “Race” is a bigotted non-word


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