Once more, a dystopic state of absolute political chaos has reared its ugly head. This time, it has occurred at the date of the (aborted) commencement of business of the newly elected, majority Republican House of Representatives. It would appear that the current generation of Conservative Republicans, who, essentially, have been aligned with Donald Trump’s, “Make America Great Again,” slogan have consigned themselves to upend and interfere with business as usual in Congress.

The outcome of the recent elections, awarded to the Republican Party, a majority in the American House of Representatives, notwithstanding which, the party has irresponsibly denied the previous and, now, putative, Speaker, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the 218 votes, necessary to re-appoint him as Speaker of The House, resulting, in grueling and raucous, disputation, and a state of legislative, catatonia. The Nation’s business cannot proceed, without the swearing-in and seating of the members of the House of Representatives, the establishment and designation of Committee leaderships, before engaging in dealing with the financial responsibilities of this Constitutional chamber of government.

It would appear that the current generation of Conservative Republicans, essentially, aligned with Donald Trump, have resolved themselves to upend and interfere with the vital commencement of the Nation’s business in Congress, pending the disputed resolution as to House Leadership. The grueling. and raucous nature of the dispute, is exemplified by the irresponsible statement of the loathsome, Rep. Matt Gaetz, “I’m resolved to vote all night, all week, all month, rather than vote for that man,” (viz., Kevin McCarthy).

The Nation, easily recalls the bizarre and publically, witnessed, analogous (conceivably, identical), brand of such blatant irresponsibility, political chaos and nihilism. As known, on January 6, 2021, following the defeat of President Donald J. Trump, roughly, 2000 of his ardent supporters attacked Washington’s Capitol Building, (“the Insurrection”) in an unprecedented, illegal and undemocratic attempt, to overturn the certified results of an election. In addition to its evident illegality, misrepresented basis and treasonous, undemocratic nature, it was a warning of the pernicious existence in the Nation, of citizens, lawmakers and political officials (the most shocking revelation, being the President of the United States) who are unprincipled power seekers, and whose subjectively, manufactured, horse blinders, exist to confirm their reductionist precepts, and irresponsible, unconstitutional behavior.

Today’s iteration of ignorant and errant, danger to our Democratic Republic is essentially, grounded in such identical, irresponsibility and nihilism, as prevailed on 1/6 (now being responded to, criminally.) The reprise of such shameful display of irresponsible behavior and disrespect for democracy, is identically, based upon excess of personal ambition, false ratification of ignorant and nihilistic, reductionist precepts or, in some cases, merely, irrational, tribal loyalty; rather than reason and moral responsibility, as controlling, behavioral guides. For such individuals, the considerations of practical wisdom and the performance of undertaken responsibility have become evolutionarily, extinct, like that of Man’s vestigial organs, such as his appendix and tonsils.

It would appear that the “election deniers” have now graduated, to “election preventers.”


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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