Blogpost # 870                              AN INFESTATION OF TERMITES

It is endlessly frustrating and disheartening, to note the existence of so vast a number of crucial and hotly contested, societal issues in which disputants are so intractable, as to have severed, for such reason, previous mutually, interactive socialization. However, many issues, ultimately, are the unnecessary, product of sublime ignorance and traditional, misunderstanding, or, just plain fantasy. Many purportedly, crucial issues, never possessed, even a scintilla, of historical or rational basis and apparently, were tactically, created out of “whole cloth,” for some surreptitious, reason, the most obvious and empirically, observable, is an underlying, lust for political influence.

Illustrative examples may be found, especially, in the extant existence and reprehensible, history of the Nation’s, anti-democratic, White Christian American, militant organizations. These hordes of deluded, radical, self-styled, but unschooled “patriots,” members in good standing, of America’s “underbelly,” are functionally, analogous, to destructive, termites who, dedicatedly, undermine the foundations of a building. These human miscreants seek, for misguided purposes, the ultimate undermining of the foundational, institutions and legal structure of the democratically, existential principle of equality, as provided in our Nation’s Constitution.

They conspire to do so by their tactically, false and misleading, premise that America was founded and intended to exist, as, a Christian, white Nation. Nothing could be further from the historical truth. The Founders, largely, Deists, with no affiliation with any official Christian sect, expressed their jointly concluded, view, that the radical experiment in Republican Democracy, would not, as, existed in the tyrannically, unjust and stormy, history of Europe, be tainted with the influence of religion. They, expressly, stated that if “God” were put in the Constitution, it would put man (i.e., “Will of the People”) out. This spurious cause of the Christian White Nationalists is one of many, based upon profound ignorance and desire for power.

An additional spurious claim of the Christian White militants, who have shown themselves to be virulently, anti-Semitic, is that the Jews (with evil intention) design to “replace” the appropriate, white, Christian citizen. The Jewish people, a relatively, small minority of the World population (thanks, in part, to the good offices of Adolph Hitler and his horde of White Christian German Populists) have neither, shown any willingness, nor, significantly, the numerical capability to replace the white Christian population. Like the typical, propagandist meme of these tactical, conspiracy mongers, the conceit is bizarre and totally, irrational, and, no doubt, known by them to be so.

Regarding the subject of “replacement,” it would be historically, salubrious if a sufficient number of mainstream American citizens were to “replace” these, dangerous and atavistic, termite- like, bigots, whose goal is the undermining of the foundational integrity of our Constitutional Republic.

By far, the greatest blemish on the complexion of the Nation is the period of the enslavement of (black) human beings. There would seem to be no more egregiously, criminal act, than stealing another individual’s life and humanity; often accompanied by the heartless, destruction of his family. Admittedly, the Nation may be proceeding slowly, in clearing up this blemish (due to the opposition of bigots, including those on the Christian right) but, mercifully, is making meaningful and needed progress.

Our readings inform us that the Saint James Bible (“the Good Book”) is the errant source and, self-interested, rationale for religiously observant, Christian slaveholders, by its recitation of its malignant and instructive story of Ham, the son of Noah. As a purported, and scrupulously accepted, biblical approval of the many, cruel centuries of immoral slavery, is the pious recitation of God’s punishment to all of the progeny of Ham (black people (?) for seeing his father, Noah, naked and drunk. Considering the millions of human lives cruelly sacrificed and the moral depravity of such heinous crime, made religiously, acceptable and morally, justified, by such self-serving, claptrap, is beyond the widest limits of rational comprehension.

We have often wondered, whether these delusional, racially and religiously bigoted, militants, have the requisite comprehension to realize, in their, dedicated termite-like, destructive ignorance, that the apocryphal, Jesus, was unquestionably, Jewish, and, further, having been born in the Middle East, was, ineluctably, not white?  


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