s Blogpost # 845                                       MILITANT IGNORANCE

We have always noted that ignorance and fear have been the conjoined twins of bigotry, both features being quintessential to such anti-societal depravity. In a recent essay, “Barbarians at the Gate,” we lamented reductionism and pseudo- fantasy, in lieu of preferable, enlightened reason and empiricism, practiced by many of the Nation’s citizenry. It is among such specific population that the atavistic, perception of extant mortal threat by the mere perception of difference, notably in external appearance, underlies the mutually, harmful and exclusionary response. As previously observed, the omission, of a substantial part of our Nation, to seek requisite enlightenment, has historically, led to the failure of personal advancement and the consequential, persistence of primitive ignorance.

The Nation has, concernedly, experienced a notable rise of right-wing affiliated groups, such as the White Christian Nationalists; the latter, a part of a pernicious and substantial, network of neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and anti-black groups, seeking to transform the democratic context of the American Nation. The 1/6 insurrection has frighteningly, revealed how close the 2020 election came to be violently, overturned. Additionally, SCOTUS, has, unprecedently and improperly, become political, and has irresponsibly, lurched to the right. In so doing, it has stricken down the Constitutional right of abortion, issued right-wing, inspired, decisions on immigration, environmental regulations and issues concerning the separation of church and State. These, improper, SCOTUS (because, political, and responsive to private interest) decisions may be seen as a part of a wide cultural, religious and political philosophy based upon a flawed, “Christian” reading of American history, avidly, subscribed to by the aforesaid, White Christian Militia groups.

The Founders of our Nation, who were non-religionists (Deists) or complete atheists, clearly, expressed their uniform intention, that the new Nation be secular, and not suffer an established or preferred religion; as it, presently, does not. It was Madison, who, in drafting the U.S. Constitution, stated, “If we put “God” in the Constitution, it leaves man out.” Thus, the word, “God,” is nowhere to be found in the United States Constitution, nor was this Nation, intentionally, created to be anything other than a secular State. What, indeed, was, relevantly and significantly, provided, in the Constitution, was the express provision, famously, known as the “Establishment Clause,” “Congress shall make no law, respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The Founders, bearing in mind the misery and injustice of the long history of European established religions, wisely, wanted none of it.

It is undeniably, clear that this Nation was, emphatically, created, by its Founders, to be secular, and not, as the fervently, ignorant, Christian White Supremacists, would like to maintain, viz., a “Christian Nation,” nor anything other than sociologically, and religiously, secular. So much for the word “Christian” in the Militia’s Title.

Regarding the other motivational word in the despicable and undemocratic organization’s proud title, “White,” (viz., “Christian White Supremacists), the words, “Christian White,” in their militant militia’s name, is likewise, nonsensical. Upon the assumption that the apocryphal Jesus, actually existed, as he is portrayed in the “Holy Book,” it is similarly, incontrovertible, that the religiously, revered Savior was not “white;” being born  in the Middle East, it would, empirically, follow that he was light or dark, brown colored skinned, but certainly, not “White.”  Moreover, being born to a Hebrew mother, he would, ineluctably, be ethnically, Jewish. So much for militant, “antisemitism.”

Should some half- literate person, by chance, happen to suggest, that the widely publicized, title, “White Christian Nationalists,” is, ignorant and brainless jabberwocky, we might find ourselves in mutual agreement.


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