While the global population anxiously and impatiently, awaits the development of a safe and efficacious vaccine against the disease of Coronavirus, our attention may be diverted to an ancient and dangerous pathology, existing back since the reign of Emperor Constantine, the ruler of The Holy Roman Empire in the 4th Century. James Carroll, an ex-priest who authored the enlightened and fascinating book, “Constantine’s Sword,” which, in addition to the illuminating revelation that it was Constantine’s sword which, no earlier than the 4th Century, was the actual model for the symbol of the Christian Cross,  guides the reader through the origin of the historic hatred of the Jews by the Catholic Church ( including  the reigns  of Popes, Augustine, Innocent 3rd, Paul IV, Pius XII, John 11 and John Paul 2nd ) and an understanding of the historic origins of anti-Semitism.

To summarize the salient theme of the footnote referenced scholarly work, consisting of more than 500 pages, the pathological hatred, identified as anti-Semitism, had its actual birth by virtue of a tactical and  intensive program by Emperor Constantine and his Mother, Irene (creator of the myth of the “Robe”) with the express tactical intention to divide the age’s large extant population of Jews, using divisive propaganda and  slander, in their (successful) program to attract 4th Century Jews to  Christianity.

The eternally slanderous pathology and hatred (especially in Europe) as known, lived on and metastasized, exponentially, to cause, virtually uncountable and indescribable, egregious results, over the entire course of World  history, encompassing in addition to the well- known relatively recent “Holocaust,”  eternal generations of pogroms, inquisitions and other hateful tragic and homicidal travesties.

Occurring with the most virulent frequency in Europe, Jews were wrongfully blamed and prosecuted, as being responsible for plagues, most famously, Europe’s Medieval “Black Plague,” famine, absence of rainfall and other irrational and paranoid conceptions, viz., poisoning well water, abducting Christian children to drink their blood, of evil control of all the banks, and a great many other absurd and mob inciteful charges, all energetically bubbling up from the wide-spread primeval ooze of antisemitism.

The deadly pandemic of coronavirus set the entire World back on its rational heels, to the absurd extent of  evincing attempts by extremists from all facets of the political and social spectrum  to cast blame on the Jews, also blamed for the recent wrongful constabulary killing of George Floyd, akin in irrational absurdity to medieval charges of poisoning well water and the absence of rain. In Los Angeles, law enforcement was contacted after White Nationalist stickers from the right-wing, Patriotic Front movement were found on lamp posts adjacent to the Museum of Tolerance. In New York became necessary in several instances, to affirmatively take official action to safeguard Jews and speak out against racism and hate.

An apparent rise in violent attacks on French Jews, motivated the French Government, recently, to station military troops at Jewish neighborhoods, schools, Synagogues and community centers. Recently, in Argentina, public lurid and revolting caricatures of Jews, have been shown as being responsible for the pandemic; many stating, hatefully, “Jews are the Virus, and “Argentines Awake to The World Jewish Dictatorship.” In our closest neighbor, Canada, the virulently anti-Semitic, Canadian Nationalist Party, publicly libeled all Jews, “Liars and Deceivers,” and as if that were not hatefully sufficient, as a “tribe of parasites,” “ police brutality is an Israeli export,” and finally, “Zionists are Nazis.”

We, at plinyblog, would take the liberty to conclude this writing, instructively, by the recitation of a few of the sage quotes from the brilliant writer, philosopher and death camp survivor, Elie Wiesel, who died in 2016:

“We must always take sides, Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the oppressed.

“Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

“The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.” and,

“Human suffering anywhere is the concern of men and women, everywhere.”

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