Post # 472   VESTIGIAL MAN (a suggested theory)

In our view, anthropologically denominated periods of mankind’s past, such as,” The Stone Age”, “The Dark Ages” and “The Age of Enlightenment,” are retrospective markers of analyzed (and by professional consensus), categorized stages, in his forward march to his biological goal. We have, for the purpose of its referential use, relative to our present theme, selected the period, named “The Dark Ages.”

With conceivably, some exceptions, the Medieval, Dark Ages, are presently seen, as an especially retrogressive period, exemplified by general ignorance, superstition, atrocity, [including publicly attended, immolation for alleged witchcraft and heresy] and the fear and loathing of “outsiders.”

Such denominations were developed, undoubtedly, among other anthropological criteria, by reason of the predominance of human beings, whose life and description, are typically seen to signify the denominated category; thus, the “Stone Age” and the caveman’s early development of stone and flint tools, the “”Age of Enlightenment,” by the noted genesis, of the ascendancy of rational thought and science, over religious superstition, such as the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, the wisdom of Erasmus and the brilliant discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton. In keeping, therefore, with such empirical conception, it can be said, that the “Dark Ages” saw a preeminence among its, respective, population of ignorance, superstition and an especially defensive fear of foreigners. [interestingly enough, the French word for foreigner, is “etranger”].

In our contemporary society, education and literacy, love of personal liberty, inclusive of, the concern for human rights, empathy for the disadvantaged, including the plight of needy foreign refugees, [symbolized by our Nation’s, venerable, Statue of Liberty], the common desire for justice and equity, as well as unquestioned individual compliance, with the societal, “social contract,” are emblematic. It is universally implied that representative members of modern society, accept such criteria, as preeminent, and within their perception of rectitude and normalcy, as accepted concomitants of their citizenship. We would propose a denominated category, of those representative of the present era, as residing, in the, anthropological period, “The Age of the Free Citizen.”

In light of of such sincerely held, beliefs, we have been in utter despair, over the current scenario, extant in our traditionally, admirable, Nation. An individual has unprecedentedly, been elected to the Oval office, who is a completely ignorant, unprincipled, immoral and egotistical, autocrat, (virtually, a throwback to the stereotypical despots of Muim iedieval times), and a staunch enemy of our (immigrant Nation’s) historic practice of welcoming the needy person from abroad. He is also, a serial womanizer (and, cover-up, briber), a bigoted, facilitator of White Supremacism, instinctively mendacious, an outspoken opponent of the free press, a friend to America’s foreign despotic enemies, and a foe of America’s traditional allies, an opponent to policies of equity (in taxation, and otherwise), a derogator of science and scientific advancement, (by existential example, climate science), and in all and sundry ways, an immoveable roadblock to human advancement and progress. Such President, legally and shamefully, impeached, by the U.S. House of Representatives, for “high crimes and misdemeanors” (possibly, extending to treason) has, brazenly announced, nevertheless, his confident intention of running again, for an additional term of office.

We have agonized over the conundrum, presented by his successful election, as compared with our maintained conception of the American voter, While Trump did lose in the calculation of the popular vote, he did have enough votes to entitle him to a victory, as assigned by the Electoral College (the latter, a retrogressive, non-democratic institution hopefully, before long, to be relegated, to that dust bin of errant history). Still, we have puzzled and worried about the nature of that substantial portion of our citizenry, who, in fact, did support and vote for, such an uneducated, errant, despoiler of all that has admiringly been, traditional America?

One validly determined reason, appeared to be, that too many, reasonable and informed Americans, normally voters, committed the costly error, of choosing not to vote; founded, foolishly, as it was revealed, upon their dislike of both candidates. However, we still struggled, mightily with the dilemma, as to the nature of the millions of Americans, who did choose to vote for such a publicly known, despicable persona, as Donald Trump.

After much agonizing deliberation, we have, courageously, decided, to reveal our nuanced, esoteric, and unconventional determination, (theory), one that could, despite its novelty, serve the office of an acceptable explanation, for the unusual and widely unexpected, election outcome.

We have (privately) held the [unprovable, but useful] theory that, although mankind has attained its evolutionary goal, in his anatomical or physical, development, he is still engaged, in the more complicated and sophisticated, process, of the attainment of his mental and spiritual, evolutionary goal.

Assuming, our unconventional theory is capable of some acceptability, it would greatly assist, in furnishing an acceptable explanation for the wide variation, extant in our population between educated, advanced citizens, with inclinations to mature prospective, including assistance to the endangered, immigrant and, in general, to the needy, as well as a strict moral adhesion to the social contract, and, by sheer contrast, the ignorant, flat earth citizenry, who oppose immigration [in addition to general human advancement] and for such reason, supported Trump. Pursuant to our daring and newly propounded theory, the latter, like tonsils and appendix, are “vestigial”, humans, in some degree or other, viz., less evolved, and antique replications, remnants, of atavistic stages, along the course of man’s evolutionary progress to a final goal of “spiritual evolution.” Like the homo sapiens, of the Dark Ages, they, instinctively, subscribe to Trump’s rant, concerning the dangers of immigration (admitting strangers) based on his revival of such primitive, and anachronistic fear. There are also others, no doubt, somewhat, “vestigial,” who are racially and fearfully, opposed to immigration, on the tribal grounds, that we are changing the color of America. This, overriding, primordial fear of “the stranger” (immigration), causes these atavistic, vestigial remnants of the past, to opt, to turn a blind eye to the many egregious monstrosities, that personify him, and vote for Donald J. Trump.

Those who would question our newly proposed theory, by positing that (in our era) the previous President, Barack Obama, was, unquestionably, an avatar of excellent rule, might be reminded, that “vestigial” folk, usually do not vote. However, they, uncharacteristically, did vote in the Trump election for reasons, notably, including, snake-oil, demagoguery and shameful, misrepresentations by Trump, and his campaign, as to his stand on immigration, and on his false, purported, social (tribal) similarity to such atavistic voters.


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