Post # 631 [poesie] *QUOTIDIAN DAYS

The hummingbird’s transfixed by red
An infant snuggles to his suck
Down bends pussycat to the bowl
I’ll take coffee with toast and cheese.

Trees imbibe deep in ambient soil
Hopping birds, hell bound for seeds
Horses chew bag- hidden oats
Cows content to chew on cud.

Might this breakfast portend a variant day–
Or yet more, of yesterday’s re-run
Better look again, the Sun’s back up,
To serve until the Luna light.

The Sun shall set at eight o’clock,
A gibbous Moon, arrive at nine.
The dark again precede the light, and
The hummingbird return for red.

*[Quarantine ennui]

[Leonard N .Shapiro May ’21)


Welcome back to the Dark Ages. You came at a most propitious time. You can witness the subsidence of a deadly plague and as an extra bonus, attend a public ex-communication [Cong. Liz Chaney] for the proven commission of public acts of heresy. We are certain that you will be well pleased and profoundly fortified in your evangelic enterprise.

The current, superseding, Holy Testament, the “Gospel of Trump” has recently attracted millions of ardent devotees and is the new prevailing faith. It conveniently substitutes simply bowing at the altar of Trump, for the wasteful and bothersome act of consulting and referring to accumulated factual knowledge. In contrast, the sole requirement of the religious canon of this new and convenient dogma is an unwavering belief in proclamations of Donald J. Trump, albeit, flexibly altered from time to time. Appropriately devout, religious shrines have been established at Palm Beach’s Mar-A-Lago and the Fifth Avenue Trump Building for devotional services.

In the past, all organized religions, and even enlightened agnosticism, have consistently and unreasonably demanded some acceptable standard of literacy. In organized religion, the devotee was tasked with reading what is called ”The Good Book,” also, prayerbooks, psalms sheets, copies of sermons, and Church notices. The agnostic was expected to study enlightened essays and literature. In the New and (and popular) Gospel, by merciful contrast, the sole demand is unwavering faith the [unsupported, inconsistent] words of the Deity-like, Donald J. Trump. In this special and rarified instance, the words, “Faith” and “Knowledge” are markedly synonymous and empirically redundant. Keeping posted with Trump is staying currently informed; any reality to the contrary is definitionally false and illusionary, schizophrenic, or, frighteningly worse, heretical.

We would describe “Religion” essentially, as a socio-cultural system of identifiable or designated behavior and practice, morality, belief, ethics, and worldview. A religionist, when philosophically or logically required, will eternally be most willing, to obediently substitute faith for factual or empirical knowledge. The contemporary, mindless sycophantic followers of the new Orange Oracle, constitute more than a “cult,” [as previously designated]. By reason of its expansive numbers and general impact, we would, now more accurately, categorize the bizarre phenomenon, as a  “Religion.”

Incredibly, our Nation’s Constitutional structure of a two-party system must now be said to have atrophied into the bizarre phenomenon of one political party, and a religious opposition, viz., Trumpism. The latter, inclusive of groups of white Nationalist bigots and other deluded, “pseudo-patriots,” most of whom are poorly educated and reductively ignorant. No conceivably worse nightmare could have been contemplated by our Founding Fathers who, keenly aware of the tragic historical experience of Europe, wisely and scrupulously, refrained from any reference to a Deity in the Constitution. One wise founder declared, When you put God in, you put man [“Rationality”] out.

Only in this “Mad Hatter” epoch, or perhaps, in this advent of a reprised” Dark Ages,” could Donald J. Trump, the triple-certified loser of the last Presidential election, be able, with the assistance of his loyal base[ the inadequately educated or informed, reductively ignorant, flat-earth population] and, perhaps, some holy orange incantations, to transmogrify himself into a populist religious deity, requiring as proof of religious affiliation, the acceptance of his unreasonable claim of a fraudulent election.

The newly designated Deity angrily proclaimed to his devotees that Deities do not lose elections and so,  by logical consequence it follows, that the election victory was stolen from him by a fraudulent vote count [the ”Big Lie”]. As a Trump invited, zealous reaction, witnessed with profound shock, on public television, large masses of the outraged and deranged faithful, angrily erupted on January 6, 2021, by perpetrating an unprecedented and violent religious jihad, against the Capitol Building, causing death, injury, substantial damage to the building, and far worse, existential damage to the moral institution of Republican Democracy. The shock expressed by mainstream America responsive to this outrageous and felonious act, unfortunately, did not, it appears, mitigate against a new “shibboleth” [litmus] test, the belief in a “stolen vote” for Republican Party acceptability. This development is consistent with the referenced, delusional, completely unsupported, declaration, tactically issued by their newly crowned Deity; the latter, in reality, an ignorant, incapable, immoral practitioner of serial mendacity.

The American Nation and every one of its responsible citizens are morally and existentially mandated to take immediate appropriately deterrent action, against those who encouraged, and those who participated in the insurrection, viz., the “Christian while Nationalists,” ”The Proud Boys,” “The Oath Keepers” and the other affiliated and non-affiliated, delusional unAmerican and bigoted adherents, to the new and odious gospel of Trump, lest this perilous and shameful dark moment in our history, disgracefully metastasize to the degeneration of our admirable and improving Republican Democracy, to an atavistic, autocratic Banana Republic.



The prevailing anti-democratic dynamic, exemplified in the present writing, it now seems, may  best be  described by the two words, “compelling delusion.” Our present use of the word, “delusion,” may be described as a compelling belief in an altered reality, persistently held, despite objective evidence to the contrary. To our understanding, delusional conspiracy belief amounts to a conjoint tendency to affirm and adopt subjective, mutual interpretations of significant societal events based on questionable or no evidence. As will be observed, it is our empirically derived conclusion that the salient impetus for the propensity to acquire such pseudo- intuitive belief, is bias and reductive ignorance; albeit many participants imay candidly, be aware of the relevant truth, but like sheep follow the flock, not wanting to stand out.

Regrettably, a recent widespread tendency in the direction of unhealthy and delusional conspiracy ideation appears to be the salient societal [political] pathology du jour. Like Covid-19 it spreads easily to a suitably receptive host, yet, unlike the onset of Covid, it is demonstrably false, and not easily preventable.

Although, as stated, the bizarre phenomenon of delusional conspiracy ranks high among contemporary societal dangerous challenges, it is definitively not new. Not many generations ago, in many areas such as Salem Massachusetts, wrinkled old ladies, living alone, [especially those blessed with hairy moles, humps, or other unattractive infirmities of old age], were, reflexively, charged by their respective communities with the god-less practice of witchery, and burned at the stake. In Dark Ages Europe, Jews were falsely charged by delusional groups of conspiring gentiles, with poisoning wells, poor harvests, and for the outbreak of plagues. Enlightened scholars who scientifically chose to dissent from the Biblical declaration that the Sun travelled around the Earth, rather than the obverse,[ the heliocentric theory], were condemned to a cruel death for the delusional charge of conspiracy with Satan, and so on, ad finitem, ad nauseum. In recent history, a great many loyal Americans suffered the destruction of their careers due to false allegations of Communist conspiracy by the psychotic Senator, Joseph McCarthy.

Familiar past examples of delusional conspiracy may additionally be recalled such as: The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Presidential Assassinations  of Abraham Lincoln and JFK, the mysterious death of Princess Diana, the 9/11 event, the purported toxic results of fluoridation of drinking water, clandestine  government sightings of UFO’s, the danger of autism from vaccination, deep State Government manipulation, government responsible assistance distorted to a [falsely dreaded]  “Socialism”, and, remarkably, the misrepresentation of Planet Earth as round or spherical planet. [manipulated GPS, etc.]

To the best of our ability to discern, the compelling reasons for succumbing to the lure of the irresistible scent of conjoint conspiracy beliefs, albeit, unsubstantiated and delusional, would appear to be fundamentally based on feelings of insecurity and vulnerability; possibly resulting from assumptions of felt detachment from the “more informed and perceptive” societal mainstream. The benefits of participation in such a conjoint conspiratorial contrivances, in addition, satisfy the neurotic need for felt personal acceptance by others, perceived to be in exclusive possession of covert knowledge, tactically hidden or fraudulently withheld from the general public. It thus offers the much needed, ego-inflating feeling of being among those, exclusively “in the know,” to the exclusion of the purportedly more naïve balance of society; and thus, effectively, is a faux displacement of the uncomfortable feelings suffered by reason of privately acknowledged ignorance.

The unexpected elevation of Donald J. Trump to a four-year term in the Oval Office, operated as an efficient catalyst and encouragement to those members of society, psychologically in the market for, or prone to delusional conspiracy. In addition to his four years of embarrassing incompetence, immorality and colossal ignorance, Trump, an unashamed practitioner of serial mendacity, initiated a war against mankind’s existential institution of Truth. He shamelessly introduced the paranoid concept of “alternate facts, attacked the integrity of the media, most especially the venerable and responsible press. He was elected, in large part, due to an unprecedented, demagogically inspired, part of the voting public, referred to by, us as the “underbelly” of the Nation [ i.e., the inadequately educated, ill-informed, bigoted, flat earth population] together with, and financed by, many sociopathic industrial air polluters who value profits over health and life, and like Trump, oppose governmental health regulation.

Donald J. Trump, recently [and mercifully] defeated in the recent election, by the contrasting capable, honest, and humanistic, Joseph Biden was undoubtedly the worst of the several despicable Presidents in American history, even taking Andrew Johnson and a few other Presidential miscreants into consideration. He was, and unfortunately for the Nation, still remains,  the avatar of underbelly immorality, and an efficient and productive manufacturer and instigator of delusional conspiracy memes. His irresponsibly false declarations concerning the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the unnecessary loss of thousands of unnecessary lives. His statements supporting racial and immigrant bigotry, and colossal ignorance was celebrated by his likewise, reductively ignorant, base of supporters.

Conceivably, the Nation’s most injurious, of Trump’s delusional, false, and dangerous fictions was his use of the fascistic tactic of the “Big Lie;” viz., his outrageous, employment of the fiction that the Presidential election victory was stolen from him by means of a fraudulent vote count. As is the case regarding the etiology of the infectious disease of delusional conspiracy, the paranoid-like declaration was entirely inaccurate. In truthful fact, his errant and self-serving declaration was objectively disproved by three separate and independent election audit companies, uniformly confirming the accuracy and validity of the election count. Trump’s delusional and anti-democratic response to his Presidential loss, contrary to its factually disproven reality, was to unprecedentedly and cynically, proclaim to the public, his delusional and knowingly false claim, that the election was stolen from him. His petulantly angry mantra, quickly adopted by his needy, willing, and chanting  base was, “Stop the Steal!”

Trump’s cultish base, together with certain errant, non-cultish citizens, the latter who, presumably, had the mental capacity to know better, participated in a violent insurrectionist riot, grounded upon the delusional conspiracy, constituting Trump’s completely baseless and neurotic claim. Hundreds of disreputable, armed, and dangerous deluded individuals, stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., causing mayhem, five innocent deaths, personal injuries (some permanent), and substantial damages to the exterior of the Capitol Building and to portions of the grand lobby and office areas.

It can be said that Donald Trump’s incitement of the shamefully violent riot, by his tactical perpetration of his “Stop the Steal” mantra, including his bizarre, televised call to insurrection, was not only an offense to institutional democracy but also, a World witnessed threat to our Founding Father’s historical experiment in the radical creation of an American Republican Democracy. It is hoped that the obscene violent rioters and their identified chief inciter will be, prosecuted and punished for their outrageous criminal behavior and as an official statement of deterrence concerning the unacceptability of extra-legal citizen action, based upon unsubstantiated or delusional claims.

We, as in previous essays, reference the wise and prescient admonition of Thomas Jefferson, that for a democracy to succeed, it is required to have an informed, educated citizenry. This irrefutable and eternally sound advice has again been demonstrably shown as vulnerable; this time to delusional conspiracies of ignorant tribal inspiration. No responsible citizen should be complacent regarding any attack, conspiratorial or individual, on the vote nor our Nation’s foundational promise.



Charles Darwin posited his universally accepted (by enlightened minds) evolutionary theory, concerning the Earth’s emerging, developing, and surviving life forms, as studied, and perceived by him in the Victorian Era. We at pliny, would deign to optimistically, suggest that his brilliantly revealed process of empirical evolution still endures and continues to progressively function, specifically with regard to sentient mankind; albeit, less so, as to physical form but, rather, in his eternal spiritual progress in the direction of higher developed sensitivity, secular morality, and societal acceptance of others.

We often wonder about the seemingly, universal understanding that the eons long,  gradual dynamic process of mutational change and development, referred to as, “Natural Evolution,” exists in the limited context as being of finite duration. The evident assumption seems to result in the conclusion, that Earth’s contemporary ambiance, including the configuration and character of its present life forms, both flora, and fauna, during the perceptible past, have attained their static and potentially final state.

Having thus bravely ventured our optimistic and novel general proposition, we would again emphasize our proposal as to such a perpetual dynamics, with the reservation that it specifically and only relates to mankind’s eternal process of gradual cerebral growth and development; and is further distinguished from any physical mutation, relative to the ancient and gradual morphing of his systemic protoplasm.

The underlying and generating engine, productive of Darwinian Evolution as described by him in “The Survival of the Species,” is neither revealed nor definitively known. Those individuals who seem to be instinctively inclined to ascribe unknown phenomena, to Deistic enterprise, undoubtedly, see Natural Evolution through religious spectacles; others of us will merely remain comfortably ignorant. In contrast, our proposed theory of the perpetual continuance of human spiritual and social evolutionary development, is an empirical and experiential phenomenon, having its identified and reliable source as human cerebral energy, naturally expended in man’s eternal practice of human interaction.

The specific venue of our theory’s  eventual, and natural occurrence is not planet-wide, but rather, effectively situated, in the human brain. The brain, as known, is the most complex part of the human body. Such 3 lb. organ is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of all bodily movement, and the controller of behavior. As such the brain, inarguably, is the essence of all of the qualities that define humanity itself; and as relevant here, thought, evaluation and consequent action.  

Darwinian [physical] evolution describes uncountably long eons of gradual mutation, best exemplified by the recently discovered tiny late dinosaur which astonishingly, manifested the morphic change to feathers. By contrast, human sociological evolution, is comparatively, rapid, albeit, understandably, not nearly fast enough for those  members of  the human family, who remain, [still] suffering from the atavistic behavior of the Nation’s insufficiently evolved homo sapiens; [the latter, often referred to, by us, as the primitive and atavistic “underbelly” of contemporary society.]

It is our optimistic expectation that the proposed continuation of evolution of mankind (as specified) will ultimately result in a universal sense of shared morality, respect for knowledge and new science, and importantly, respectful acceptance of others of disparate race and belief. Such outcomes will eventually be brought about,  by the engine of the ongoing, natural, healthy, and ameliorative, inter-active experience [ with “others”] and the consequent development of enlightenment and maturity of experiential perception.

One might briefly consult mankind’s long dark history to already discern a perceptibly small, gradual trend towards a growing respect for the development and use of reason and, concomitantly, the moral acceptance of others of disparate race, belief, and ethnicity. Any quick, cursory review of the stages of man’s past centuries of existence, will reveal dark periods of complete ignorance, superstition and illiteracy, plagues, poverty and want, Church and King repression of the human spirit, inquisitions, bigotry, xenophobic and ethnic warfare, and genocide. It was not very many decades ago, that the New World, itself, chose to replicate the Old, in its immoral institution of [black] slavery. It is to be observed, that although, and to various degrees, many elements of man’s dark history, perniciously, still seem to endure [such as Jim Crow prejudice, antisemitism, xenophobia, superstition] it must be conceded that, in general, such institutional, nightmarish phenomena have been ameliorated or  completely eliminated.

As further illustration, the institutional practice of slavery is now outlawed and morally unthinkable. Nevertheless, despite the passage of civil rights legislation, combined with the efforts of right- thinking American citizens, our Nation is still witness to remnants of Jim Crow prejudice among many ignorant (less evolved) citizens. There is a universally accepted legal, pragmatic, and Constitutional, separation between Church and State, nevertheless, religious dogma, like opposition to a woman’s right  to seek an abortion, and to gay rights subsist. In many matters of moral and equitable principle, mankind has shown markedly enlightened progress,  however, contemporarily, the progress of mankind’s progressive, evolutionary march is yet far from its principled (evolved) destination.

In keeping with our consistently stated belief, we have empirically observed that the ongoing scale of progress in mankind’s moral and spiritual [evolutionary] progress, correlates very closely, with the degree of human literacy, education, and the acquisition of mature perception.

We are hopeful of mankind’s naturally developed attainment of its evolutionary goal in its ongoing evolution toward the naturally inherent and naturally destined final state of universal societal morality and positive rational enlightenment.  


Post # 627 FRUITION [redux] *

In a recently read article, the author had the disturbing temerity to state: “Man’s attainment of old age can be thought of as the transition to a different person, time sharing the same identity.” The not-so-subtle suggestion of the author would appear to be that man in his later years, is a mere semblance of his former self. Assuming the continued presence of a reasonably healthy body and mind, we could not possibly disagree more. With reference to the latter proviso, younger people likewise, have the potential for a good life, but only if they are fortunate enough to have reasonably good health.

While, admittedly,  multiple decades of life, naturally resulting in physical wear and tear, more often than not, are somewhat productive of uncomfortable aches and pains, such phenomena, in the rational scope of things, do not substantively detract from essential happiness nor sustained persona. In fact, the presence of accumulated wisdom and acquired mature perception of those who have led full and appropriately enriching lives is empirically productive of positive feelings of continued happiness and self-fulfillment. The attainment of old age is decidedly not the presentation of pathological disease.

It requires little argument to maintain that the appropriate perch of homo sapiens at the apex of the evolutionary tree exists, essentially, by reason of natural evolution’s generous gift to him of a singularly advanced brain; the same furnishing the innate capacity for experiential learning [ Sir John Locke], advancement and, ultimately, the prized goal of wisdom. The abundance of animals, situated lower on the tree, exhibit a plethora of fauna, physically stronger, more possessed of endurance, quicker and more agile, with senses such as sight and hearing, far superior to those of mankind. Nevertheless, inarguably, it is the advanced capacity for reason, as opposed to capabilities such as strength, speed, agility and advanced senses, that is the ultimate criterion for such extraordinary distinction.

Concededly, the younger man is physically stronger, faster and possessed of greater endurance than the elder. Nevertheless, as stated, the universally accepted anthropological criterion for superiority of the species is determined by its capacity to learn from experience and its advancement toward the goal of wisdom. Accordingly, can it then be correctly observed, logically and empirically, as in the quoted statement, that a person who has pursued knowledge longer, is less valuable or worse, and merely a familiar reminder of his younger persona?

In time, the criteria maintained by [especially the younger members of] popular society, of physical prowess, stature, and youthful appearance, morph by subsequent life experience, into the more developmentally mature and societally significant elements of personal development, and achievement. These features, notably unrelated to physical prowess, are at some point in life, universally recognized to be of true existential importance.  

Accordingly, we see the experientially wise elder citizen as homo sapiens at his destined stage of fruition. Those who have, in the course of their life, invested elective time in the independent pursuit of personal interests, supplemental to their responsibilities as a responsible family member and a productive, working citizen, have been best situated to acquire the goals of growth, insight, mature perception and experiential wisdom. The elder, physically challenged, slower paced and occasionally achy,  members of society, who, nevertheless, are possessed of decades of valuable experience and wise exercise of reason, indeed, may be mankind at its naturally intended (evolutionary) fruition.

To any reader who would be inclined to solely ascribe the motive of this writing to personal self-interest, we would respond that it is based upon contemplative knowledge available, only with sufficient time.

-p. * [see early essay, “IS IT SOUP YET?”]


We candidly confess that until recently, we had unproductively agonized over the possibility of a dynamic interplay of two seemingly disparate issues, before we were able to satisfactorily discern their functional and causative relationship. The confounding relationship between the two issues in question amounts to (a) the confluence of the spurious claim of voter fraud, and (b) the pernicious and all-pervasive tactics designed to reduce the votes of people of color. As morally inclined believers in the American promise of universal equality, and the fundamental principles of republican democracy, we were appalled by our best discernment of the probable and shameful answer.

The seemingly disparate subjects both exist in the enduring context of pernicious racial prejudice maintained by a sizeable, atavistic minority of the Nation’s population. The origin of this disreputable and unsightly blemish upon our democratic republic and its avowed pretentions may have personal and nuanced etiologies. We imagine the latter relates to the phenomenon of personal insecurity and its attendant neurotic need for a “pecking order,” implemented by our Nation’s long history of immoral and dehumanizing black slavery, itself followed by the persistence of Jim Crow policies and laws.

For readers who need the reminder, male, black Americans were not granted the right to vote until after the Civil War. In 1870, the 15th Amendment was ratified to prohibit the States from ”denying the right to vote, based upon race, color or previous condition of servitude.” The passage of the 19th Amendment in 1926, gave women the voting franchise, but such right was not initially, as a practical matter, extended to women of color because of widespread voter suppression. Shockingly, it was only after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, in 1965 that black women were, legislatively assured the right to vote.

The agonizing and unendurable four- year term of the incapable, dishonest, and bigoted Donald J. Trump, served as a litmus paper chemical test [ acidic content test which turns red from blue] as to the revelation of the vast extent of the underbelly of our population which characteristically evince ignorance, reductionism, and [to our topic] racial bigotry. Trump himself, among other disgraceful traits,  showed himself to be a racial bigot. This latter pernicious trait, undoubtedly, was among the paramount and logical reasons for the huge vote of people of color, for his successful opponent.

Our previously unresolved dilemma begins with Trump’s fascist-style, “Big Lie,” in which he tactically and falsely, proclaimed that the election was stolen from him by a construed, Democratic Party conspiracy to incorrectly count and thereby falsify the vote count. This absurd and irrational claim lacked any alleged factual background or basis and had the sole merit of further demonstrating Trump’s autocratic and delusional egotistic character. The lie persisted, despite the evident fact that the Democratic party does not count votes, and more substantively, by the fact that several independent professional audit companies had definitively concluded, respectively, as to each audit,  that there was a complete absence of voter irregularities.

Nevertheless, Trump’s delusional and adolescent psyche was not deterred; quite to the contrary; his unjustified, delusional outrage continued to be emphatically and programmatically repeated. On Trump’s invitation and encouragement, many hundreds of protesters,[ including the entire indigestible menu of the Nations’ White Supremacy Groups and hundreds of other, self-proclaimed” patriots,” [read violent and ignorant malcontents]  responded to Trump’s noxious invitation and call to “Stop the Steal” by an unprecedented,  violent and deadly insurrection on the U.S, Capitol Building. January 6. The latter was the date on which the outgoing Vice-President, Pence, was scheduled to deliver the certification of Biden’s successful, Electoral win. Among their earnest battle cries, was, “Hang Pence,” [in the rioter’s conveniently, constructed gallows]. Many of these armed and dangerous lunatic-patriots are being prosecuted by the newly appointed and, happily, law-abiding, Justice Department and we hope, in the interest of justice and the principles of democracy, will be amply punished for their domestic terrorism.

Trump and his National underbelly sycophants and their slightly more literate political leaders thereupon commenced a program whereby many Legislatures, Federal State and local were pressured for the passing of legislation and promulgating regulations, specifically targeted at preventing or at least, limiting, Black votes. Days, times, and locations at which people of color were known to traditionally find suitable for voting were, unconstitutionally and illegally, omitted or altered, premised on curtailing, or preventing black voting. Laws such as eliminating mail-in absentee ballots and their “drop off” boxes in identified black neighborhoods were removed. In addition to our dismay, our initial response was confusion as to the motivation for such illegal and unamerican actions by local legislatures. As stated, above, we were puzzled as to how such tactics to limit the black vote, even if successful, relate to the false and misleading claim of Trump and his base followers’ articulated assertion  “Stop the Steal.”  We struggled to determine the possible nexus between the outrageous claim that the Presidential Ballots were fraudulently counted, and the simultaneous, illegal, and immoral program to curtail the votes of citizens of color? Might it be simply explainable by the empirical fact that voters of color voted, in large numbers for Trump’s opponent, Joseph Biden?

But we regrettably suspected that there existed a more fundamental and hateful impetus, for the tactics designed to hampering the black vote, coincident with the spurious claim of election fraud and its insane and delusional cry, “Stop the Steal.” This was the unsolved question respecting which, we have, as stated, reached a proposed answer which we profoundly decry, as true and moral American citizens.

It is our considered and vexing conclusion that Christian white bigots exclusively want a Christian white male who is elected to the Oval Office, by Christian white votes. The media this morning reported no less than 47 States with multiple proposed Statutes seeking tactically racial voting restrictions. The empirical reality of the defeat of our underbelly’s choice of selected candidate facing defeat, and even worse, materially assisted by a uniform bloc of voters of color, is political Gehenna; one that can only be explainable by an alleged “Steal,” or more rationally, by a factually computed loss, jointly contributed to, by self-interested and foolishly discredited, black voters.


Blogpost # 625 LETTER, PAM TO ELVIRA [late April 2021]

Dear Elviry:

Well, it looks like Spring is really moving along, our forsythia bushes are green and the tulips which Fred and the boys planted last November are looking beautiful. But I do not know why they planted so many yellows. The forsythia and the daffodils out back are also yellow. Fred does not pay any mind to this he is colorblind anyway and they had a yellow tulip bulb sale last Fall. I guess I really don’t mind much, so long as Fred and the boys don’t track in too much mud from the garden- that would be a problem.

Talk about problems, that smelly goat that belongs to our, across the road neighbors, really kicked up a fuss. He wandered across the road to nibble and munch along on our property, walked into our open garage, and got his fool beard caught in the rollers of our mop-pail. Well, you should have heard his loud bleats until both Abel and Reggie, after a busy 25 minutes of loud bleating until they could free him. Our garage kept in the fool animal’s smell for days. The one good thing is that his bad experience might discourage him from coming again for a long time to our place. I don’t know but I was told by a local farmer that Billy- goats don’t have  good memory.

I  took your suggestion to invite the Salpeters, from across the road, to dinner and it was pretty quiet but it was nice. Their two sons did not come because they had a party. As expected, Serena brought two dozen of her butter cookies also some pretty flowers (yellow!) from their garden. But we did not learn anything about them, except that they, come from New Jersey, are married for 22 years and their sons’ ages are 14 and 16, Jason 16 and Mason 14.(tell the girls). They only said they both enjoy gardening on Sunday mornings and did not attend any Church.

Hope you and family are well, please write back soon.



With the kind permission of the reader, we choose to construe a literary analogy; one which we presume has personal application to every, contemporary, right-thinking American. While our early references in its illustration are by empirical necessity, made with reference to our own [known] life experience, we are confident that the proposed analogic comparison, albeit, barring unknown nuanced experiences, is equally applicable to all contemporary citizens of moral inclination.

In our case, we are first generation Americans having been born in the earlier part of the 20th Century to immigrants of Southern Europe. Our parents, each born in separate National entities of the then Russian Empire [USSR], like many of today’s immigrants from Central America, endured great privation to come to the United States. They came to avoid the experienced hardships of dire poverty, Anti-Semitic pogroms, insecurity  and hopelessness; they came as all refugees do, seeking a  peaceful and better life.

Many of our nuanced childhood experiences, in the Brooklyn of the 1940s, as [American born] children of recently arrived Ashkenazi Jewish Immigrants, are set forth in earlier writings in which we attempted to convey our childhood’s unsophisticated, humorous, hopeful, poignant and colorful lives. Underlying the described, religious, cultural, and linguistic, nuance, of our immigrant parents persisted an enduring chill of fear, emanating from a remembered life of degradation and constant existential threat. As an aside, we would observe that it was the context of empathic familiarity, that motivated the ardent participation of many Jews in the black civil rights movement.

In time, notably including attendance at school, we were made aware of the unhappy fact that we, [equally with other contemporary American children of parents, whether, or not, born in the United States] were innocently obliged to accept our coveted  American Nationhood,” haunted” by a malign legacy of guilt, based on its shameful history of black enslavement and enduring Jim Crow behavior. This observation exemplifies our analogy to the genre of Gothic literature, in which a fictional heir to the family castle learns that it is encumbered by the enduring presence of a malignant ghost or demon.

Although the described inherited legacy of guilt was not personally earned, but instead, is derivative, in the nature of a historic societal blemish, the righteous citizen is nevertheless, morally obligated to make every effort to eliminate, or at least assuage, its underlying basis, perhaps by action suggested in our immediately preceding, tri-partite writings.

There exists no merit to any assertion that, since the contemporaneous, morally inclined citizen was not born in the era of slavery, and does not entertain biased feelings of any kind, he is exempt from the  vestigial guilt emanating from the dark days of American slavery [and its enduring metastasis of atavistic Jim Crow mentality.] All who proudly proclaim American Nationality are derivative inheritors of its historic guilt. Yet, the invaluable benefits of entitlement to Nationality, for every American, but most especially the offspring of immigrant refugees fleeing for their lives is, without question, worth it.



This is the third and final essay of our three-part series, purposed on the formulation of an effective response to the frustratingly enduring racial prejudice extant among individuals and hate groups in the Nation. The first of our series mandated the refusal to denominate any hate group or hater with any historically known referable title, to avoid the possible [mis]representation of accredited status or acceptability. The second writing recommends a candid inner audit to ferret out the possible existence of any repressed bias, so that one can more fairly, objectively, and capably deal with the problem.

In this third  [and final] essay, we offer some personal observations accompanied by relevant recommendations, ideally, tending to the amelioration and ultimately, an effective societal reset of America’s historic travesty of racial inequality. We will deal with matters of societal import separately from those of  individual relevance; however, to the extent that the individual can have a positive impact on the societal problem we, as noted, encourage specified individual intervention.

[National]: The accepted, salient, and defining feature of a “Republican Democracy,” is the universal right of each citizen of legal age, to vote. The recent providential defeat of Donald J. Trump and his replacement by the contrasting capable, humanistic, and responsible leadership of Joseph Biden, supplied an existentially necessary elixir for the recovery and health of the Nation.

The bigotry espoused by former President, Donald J. Trump, appears to have been of paramount significance among the reasons for the huge, and arguably determinative, number of votes for his opponent by citizens of color. The discernment of this empirical fact provided cynical impetus, for former Trump supporters in Congress and various State government, to wrongfully champion the enactment of legislation, tactically aimed at limiting the votes of America’s black citizens. This perverse intention, inarguably, amounts to an express repudiation of the fundamental essence of democracy, as well as an obvious demonstration of shameful and nihilistic bigotry.

Our first responsive recommendation, therefore, is that the morally inclined white citizen, alongside and in league with his fellow citizens of color, actively militate against this National travesty, by all legal and effective means; these include, correspondence with political officials, participation in peaceful public demonstrations and relevant public meetings, and when appropriate, overt, articulated expression of support for the American principle of democratic universality of the franchise to vote.

[Societal]: The most tragically repulsive and pathological examples of atavistic prejudice, have taken place in the dehumanization and genocidal homicide of unarmed black citizens by bigoted white police officers. Our dismay at the reality of the shocking numbers of such horrific acts is only exceeded by our utter frustration at the arbitrary injustice of the same; typically taking place during routine automobile stops of black drivers, for the most minor and paltry reasons. One black driver was shot and killed for having an aerosol can “blocking” his rear window, another for suspected expiration of license, and uncountable others for suspected minor driving offenses. The self-protected  “blue wall” of constabulary institutional silence, has traditionally, prevented families, of the victims of such racially motivated, homicide, from seeking justice for their completely unjustified and irretrievable loss.

Unprecedented justice was at last granted in the recent and singularly rare, Minnesota criminal prosecution of a bigoted, [apparently psychopathic] police officer for cruelly choking the life out of a 46- year-old unarmed, black man, named George Floyd. The arrest concerned the relatively minor allegation of having passed a twenty-dollar counterfeit bill. The case was singular in the fact that the police commissioner and other uniformed officers, all from defendant’s precinct, unprecedently stepped out in front of the traditional impenetrable ”blue wall,” to, responsibly testify against defendant, their accused homicidal fellow officer.  The miscreant police officer was unanimously (as required) declared guilty, by the jury on all three criminal charges. We, like most right-thinking citizens, were relieved and hopeful (albeit, experientially jaded) that this unique case will presage a wide-spread, positive result in police-black interaction. It may just, empirically, turn out that good cops are the necessary solution for the problems of the bad ones.

Our recommendation to the individual is that he exercise his influence, as possible, to advocate for the resumption of policing to its intended proper context, viz., as guardians of the citizenry and not self-appointed “confrontational, combat soldiers.”

[Individual]: In addition to his declared stand against immoral prejudice in the various ways noted above, the good citizen might consider being guided by the following:  

During the process of early childhood lessons of  belonging and identity, the parent or guardian must refrain from the temptation to emphasize the ultimately divisive conceptions of “we” and “they.”  He should instead tutor the young child to enjoy appropriate pride in his birth- acquired ethnos, but also, to recognize that his is but one of  many disparate and equally valuable world identities. Where possible, use “us”  preferably, to “we.” This caution has far-reaching, consequential future impact.

When opportune and relevant, the individual citizen should definitively express himself in ardent support of the existential democratic cornerstone of universal equal rights; and vote for political candidates that espouse that ethical ideal.

He should, without hesitation, emphatically give voice to his outrage at any disparaging racial, ethnic, or racial humor or comments, as an overt declaration of his belief in citizen brotherhood.

Without hesitation, he should report observed or reported racial incidents of police abuse, official arbitrary denial of entitlements, or discriminatory administrative treatment, of any kind.  

The citizen should, spontaneously and regularly, include individuals of disparate race, among his friendships and joint participants in social occasions, i.e., dinners, theater attendance, sporting events and picnics. By so doing, he would profitably acquire, as an extra corollary dividend, the subtle encouragement of his children to establish their own friendships without racial or ethnic criteria.

In the interest of plain justice and basic morality,  right-thinking, white American citizens [especially] must effectively choose to, affirmatively and demonstrably, be allied with their fellow citizens of color in their fight for entitled equality. It has proven less productive, empirically, to simply be a supporter of civil rights; one must be an advocate and zealous activist in this vital and defining [American] reset.



This is the second of our tripartite series of recommendations for countering the bias and perversive influence promoted by the ignorant “underbelly” of our Nation. The previous essay, (“ROSES AND SPADES”) espoused the tactical mandate of refraining from the grant to such organized groups of miscreants, the designation of any popularly familiar name (like “conservative” or ‘extreme right wing”). The latter tactical and prudent recommendation is made in the interest of denying to such reprehensible and dangerous cohorts, an undeserved and misleading appearance of attributed and  legitimate status. We have suggested that a more suitable designation be “societally nihilistic.”

In this second writing, we would recommend the prerequisite process of candid self-examination as to the extent of one’s [own] genuine belief in the ideal of truly universal equality. The exercise might be personally enlightening, based upon the remote possibility of the repressed existence of any vestigial impact, of the dark side of American racial history, in the form of some conceivably, subtle, unconscious bias. As an illustration in aid of clarification of this concept, we would reprise an anecdote, created by us for inclusion in an earlier essay on the subject of our despised noun, “race,” [“THE DIRTIEST WORD”]:

“A young white mother is routinely walking Linda, her six-year-old daughter, to school. The mother is a moral, literate, well-intentioned and properly socialized citizen. As an avid supporter of the principle of universal racial equality, she has been a regular donor to the local office f the NAACP and frequently attends meetings on the subject. Her Master’s Degree in Sociology from Barnard was earned by her intensive studies and thesis on the subject of underprivileged youth.

As she continues walking her young daughter to school, she soon sees a familiar black friend, similarly walking her own young daughter to school, and, immediately upon seeing the black friend, her daughter, Linda, suddenly, feels a subtle, slightly alarmed, but discernable hand squeeze.”

Lessons in racial difference are often unwittingly taught to young children by early, well-meaning lessons dealing in the subject of “we” and “they,” then, perhaps later, by occasionally overheard careless societal comments, and,  generally, by occasionally thoughtless and insensitive social interaction. Additionally, it is impossible to view the daily media and not be cognizant of the subject of racial differences, in the virtual plethora of contextual presentations.

To seek to eliminate racial bias, emanating from those disreputably described individuals, who think and behave in an intentionally biased and unamerican fashion, is an inarguably commendable aspiration and, in fact, defines our purpose in the presentation of these three essays.  Logically, one can do so, with greater effect, if he can assure himself of the absence of any unwitting, subliminal inclinations  [as in the anecdote] on his part, to perceive racially qualitative differences, early taught or, experienced, in the context of our less than ideally complete, egalitarian society. This matter requires personal, candid,  contemplation of past experience, present conceptions of value and excellence, and of nuanced personal criteria for the choice and maintenance of friendships. Do we socialize or participate in activities with others who are  racially disparate from us? Do we read their books, value their art and music, accept their folkways [if different from ours] have equal expectations of achievement and behavior?  Is our doctor or dentist, by chance, a member of a racial group other than ours? Is there complete and absolute equity in our standards of general evaluation of individual achievement?

In the existentially vital process of minimizing the impact and influence of the various [underbelly] insurgent groups and their un-American behavior we, usefully, and with analogous zeal, might objectively examine our inner selves to see if, or where, improvement in healthy and moral egalitarian  perception is needed. At such point we can justifiably armed with confirmed good conscience and civic purpose, take responsible action to counter the Nation’s chronically existing cancer of prejudice.