It is not uncommon for an individual to be enjoying good health for an extensive period of time, and then quite suddenly, experience illness. Customarily, after an initial period of realization and acceptance, relevant measures are thereafter sought, preferably, with the guidance of an experienced physician, conducive to the restoration of one’s former state of good health.

Who, in his most troubling and irrational nightmares, would have been capable of conjuring up the remote possibility, that our young nation, well on the road to achievement of the status of the world’s avatar of republican democracy, would be suddenly, stricken with such a malignant illness, as to effectively reduce it to a contemporary reprise of the  Dark Ages, [autocratic rule, medieval protective walls, lack of concern for the poor and needy, abuse of free speech, threats to critics, especially the media, covert dealing with foreign despots, self-serving financial dealings in the autocrat’s sole interest, discouragement of learning and advancement, assertion of bellicose threats against other countries, and self-licensed, obscene and reprehensible behavior]. Even a casual student of history, would have little difficulty in seeing this anachronistic  and atavistic return to the nightmarish Hell of the Medieval Dark Ages.

The devastating etiology of this sudden onset of serious pathology, is unarguably determined and specifically identified, as the shocking elevation of Donald J. Trump to America’s Oval Office. Once this pathogen gained entrance, the body politic suffered a predictably rapid onset of the metastasizing, disease, presenting dire symptoms, and a panic-stricken, citizen-wide awareness of its apocalyptic possibilities.

Mr. Trump’s resume reveals experience as a former host of an inane television game show, and real estate sharpie; a job interview would have uncovered a persona whose overweening ego and feigned self-confidence, camouflages his low character, and his declared unsuitability for the Office of the Presidency. He evinces the possession of that ultimately hazmat combination of basic, reductive ignorance, accompanied by an ersatz  demonstration of supreme confidence added to a neurotic need for attention. This less than salubrious  melange of adolescent neurosis, has brought about a sharp decline in respect for the office of the American Presidency and, in many ways, the nation, itself.

Prior to the disastrous election of Donald Trump, the institution of the American Presidency, had,, generally enjoyed a long, salutary and deserved  history, of reverence and respect, from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, from John Adams to Abraham Lincoln, from the two  Roosevelts, to the recent, admirable and enlightened term, of Barack Obama.

With the surprising election victory of Donald Trump, our healthy and progressive Ship of State appears, to have mortally struck an unseen iceberg and, like the onset of any  sudden disease, shortly thereafter, began to manifest multiple symptoms of serious import to our body politic. We will not, here, recount the overstuffed Pandora’s box of despicable and shameful examples of mismanagement, poor judgment, mendacity,and bigotry, which we have previously enumerated; any continued useful discussion, would now properly focus on the urgent need for a restorative cure for the malady.

That portion of the treatment, regarding the attenuation of the major observable symptoms, is easily and quickly administered;  a permanent immunity,  may well require a somewhat longer course of therapy.

Relatively quick, symptomatic relief, can, with be identified by consideration of the cause of the onset of the pathology. In the last election, a great many regular American voters stayed home. The portion of our population, which we have, perhaps unkindly, referred to as the low information, flat earth people, which usually, does not vote, this time, voted in great numbers, due a program of insincere “pie in the sky” promises, tactically engineered, and financed. by the wealthy industrial, anti-regulation, air polluters (who value profits above human and planetary health).

Symptomatic relief, as well as complete restoration of the nation to its former condition of good health, can be achieved by the excision of the harmful pathogen from the body politic, by a large regular voter turnout. We are often required to repeat Thomas Jefferson’s prescient admonition, that for a democracy to work, it requires an informed and literate citizenry.

Long -term, or permanent immunity, is acquired, in addition to regularly staying informed as to the current political scene, by engaging in those activities that affirmatively promote personal growth and wisdom, ex, reading good literature and  interest in the arts and sciences. The latter activities, whose promotion has been the raison d’etre of this blog space, also rewards one with a richer and more fulfilling life.








Academics specializing in the lifelong study of the universe and our solar system, have confidently declared the arrival of another Winter Solstice; what may be of greater and more profound impact to many citizens, is the concurring determinations, of the Hallmark Greeting Card Company, and Macy’s Department Store.

Here, at the home offices of, after two and one-half solstices in existence, and consistent with our mandatory commitment to absolute candor, we are obliged to again repeat the disappointed phrase, coined by us at the advent of year 2018, “Today is yesterday again.”

In factually based contravention, to the many perennial resolutions for positive change. and the high-minded prognostications of the enthusiastic (and otherwise stimulated) celebrants, too many people seem to persist in living lives, eternally stuck in the time consuming and engulfing mire, of the pursuit of ephemeral, mindless and superficial diversion, and lacking any positive aspiration for personal growth and self-fulfillment.  The empirical by- product of such superficiality, in addition to such irresponsible failure to live up to our innate human potential for advancement, appears to be a lack of moral inclination to care for other members of the human family, less fortunate than they are.

Far too many, human beings, despite mankind’s indisputable debt of gratitude, for the many benefits of Darwinian evolution, including the generous gift of an advanced brain,  an opposable thumb, the structural architecture to walk upright , together with the  inclination for living in society, nevertheless, wastefully, expend their brief allotted time on the planet, living a limited, ignorantly reductive, disinterested and insular existence, ungratefully unaware of their innate potential for some measure, at least, of personal growth.

Arm chair lassitude has tolerated the general deprecation of intellectualism and the search for knowledge, in the sciences, medical and literary arts. This is inclusive, irresponsibly, and indeed, dangerously, of the ignorant and ultimately suicidal, denial of the uniform findings of virtually all scientists, of a clear and present danger of man-made climate change, which could, conceivably, degrade the status of our [still] green planet to a lifeless, moon-like rock. We note that shamefully, such ignorance is programmatically promoted, to low-information voters by the air polluting industrialists, who selfishly and foolishly, exalt profits above human life.

Such pervasive arm chair ignorance, with its concomitant disrespect for human advancement and enlightenment, is too often, the underlying etiology for racial and other pernicious forms of bigotry. Every living personality, it seems, craves respect and status of some sort. This natural drive, leads the enlightened citizen to strive for laudable accomplishments, such as new understandings, discoveries, advancement in science and medicine, the publication of an esteemed work of art or a good book. It appears evident, that among the low educated, flat- earth denizens of our planet, that, to attempt to satisfy such need, an artificially manufactured “pecking order” solely configured by them, having its purported basis in skin color, appears to be the only one available.

Ignorance is the virulent basis of bigotry and, while in the main, this situation has been improving (thanks to enlightened and moral members of society) the armchair species of humanity, at best, has been an immobile spectator, at worst, a vile participant, in the industry of hatred. While, assuredly, there have been advances in the recognition of universal, all inclusive, civil rights, we, in the words of an American poet have “miles to go before we sleep.” For one illustration, among a great many possible others, bigoted ignorance still seems to tolerate an unfair justice system, inclusive of the profitable “prison industrial system,” shamefully and cruelly, fueled by an abnormally inflated inventory of black men.

The armchair waste of human protoplasm, studiously avoids any reminder of the fundamental ethic of our nation, which that declares that “all men are born equal,”, “one man, one vote” and “all men have the inalienable right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. It was this atavistic genus and species of mankind, frighteningly comprising a sufficient number of voters of like description, that succeeded in electing one of their own camp, Donald J. Trump.

It is abundantly clear that every properly informed American of good will, must responsibly take the time to cast his vote, that great emphasis need be placed on the quality of American education for the young, and perhaps programs of needed supplemental education for adults (possibly motivated by attractive benefits). We, yet again, refer to the wise prescription of Thomas Jefferson, to the effect that, for a democracy to succeed, it needs literate and informed citizens.

We hope to be enabled to publish a happier note for the next Winter Solstice.

Happy New Year!